Higher up with lower emissions


N Rent Oy (Ltd) is a responsible operator and its ethical values include caring for the shared environment. That is why we are reducing our own carbon footprint and offer our customers the opportunity to choose a service product with 100% carbon offset.


N Rent Oy’s main sustainability theses

  • We guide our customers to choose either zero-emission or low-emission machines that are always fit for purpose.
  • The renewable fuel we use is made only from the residues and wastes of industrial processes.
  • We help reduce greenhouse gases by creating more carbon sinks in Finland's forests.
  • By fertilising forests with ash, the carbon from the forest is returned as nutrients for forest growth.
  • We are committed to and actively involved in projects and initiatives that aim to achieve sustainable development.

Take a look at the forest area in Kuusamo that is the subject of greenhouse gas emission offsetting by N Rent Oy »


N Rent Oy is committed to the Green Deal agreement for the construction machinery industry (sitoumus2050.fi) and we are also involved in the Climate Programme of the Central Chamber of Commerce. N Rent Oy has been granted a certificate by the Hiilinielurekisteri (Carbon Emissions Register) for offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

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The sustainable development efforts of all countries in the world are guided by the Global Agenda for Sustainable Development agreed in 2015 at the United Nations, known as Agenda 2030. N Rent Ltd offsets the carbon footprint of its service products by participating in projects that aim to achieve the following Agenda 2030 goals: