N Rent Oy is a responsible operator and its ethical values include caring for the common environment. Therefore, we reduce our own carbon footprint and offer our customers the opportunity to choose a service product with 100% carbon offset.



As a priority, N Rent Ltd aims to minimise the carbon footprint of its own operations. We operate, plan transport rationally and efficiently, recycle materials, actively develop more environmentally friendly ways of working and introduce new, environmentally friendly technologies. We also provide information to our customers to help them make responsible choices.

One way to reduce emissions is to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy. N Rent Ltd has been a Neste My partner for several years and is committed to using this renewable fuel in its current diesel fleet. Neste My has significantly lower particulate emissions and a much smaller carbon footprint than fossil fuels.



In the case of Mobile Elevating Work Platform rental, the carbon footprint can be reduced by choosing the right machine and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from operations by switching to electric machines.

MEWP rental is a capital-intensive business, and most large machines do not yet offer an optional battery-powered option. In such cases, the remaining carbon footprint can be offset by actions that reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere or prevent the production of greenhouse gases.


To offset its carbon footprint, N Rent Ltd has partnered with forest owners who use ash as fertiliser, which is recycled back into nature to increase forest growth and thereby increase the carbon sink for the benefit of us all. As well as reducing greenhouse gases, the projects also improve the living conditions of local communities, including farming and forestry.

N Rent Ltd offsets the carbon footprint of its service products by being involved in projects that contribute to achieving the Agenda 2030 goals. The company is committed to the Green Deal for the construction machinery sector (